Sunday, August 3, 2014

Post #3: Olive Garden in Summer Hues

Hey there! 
Sorry for the lack of posting.. This south Florida weather really hasn't been holding up lately, so taking pictures has been difficult. 

This week I'll be posting about a dress I wore to Olive Garden today. 
It's a very functional, summery dress that I loovvee to wear with a like green tank underneath for modesty. 

I also had the most delicious lasagna at Olive Garden.. Tons of ricotta cheese and enough tomato sauce to swim in. :p 

The shoes are little heels with tons of sequins on them, and they are of the upmost comfort. I love wearing little heels on the weekends, they definitely make me feel more feminine and ladylike.

Dress: Old Navy, Thredup, $6
Tank: Forever 21, $1.80
Heels: Expressions, Thredup, $5

How was your weekend? 
What's your favorite restaurant to go to?


  1. Love the dress! I LOVE your hair! Is it naturally curly like that or do you curl it? Do you use a curling iron or a no-heat method?
    Haha lots of questions!!


    1. Hi there Grace!
      Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.
      No I do not curl my hair, that's my natural hair (actually my hair is usually much curlier)
      Thank you so much for the compliments!
      God bless!

  2. Your welcome- and thank you!!