Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post #8: Update!

Hi there!
My two week posting hiatus is over.. For now I suppose.
I wasn't able to take any pictures for this post, but I figured that I would keep you in the loop and let you know what's going on in my life.

Well first of all, I'd like to share something with my readers. I'm sharing this not for attention or pity, but because I trust that you won't criticize me or make me feel bad for how I feel.
In the recent months, I was diagnosed with OCD with cohabiting depression. It was an interesting diagnosis to say the least, but it was relieving, because my family and I finally had answers to how I was feeling.
These past couple weeks have been very difficult for me emotionally because of my disorder, and quite frankly it's become difficult to do even essential things, like clean and go to class. But now I feel that next week will be better, and I'll go about posting an outfit or two this weekend ;)

I've also decided to (try) a posting schedule. I'm going to blog about a final copy when I finish it, but this is how it's more or less looking for October:

Every Sunday- Outfit post
Every Wednesday- Q&A answers
Every Friday- Favorite product of the week
Every other Saturday- Outfit and bible study notes
Once a month- life update 
Once a month- DIY 
For halloween, I will be doing a post on my feelings of halloween, fall decorations. and also how to have a modest halloween costume!

Any posting suggestions that you may have for me?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Post #7: (Late) Room Tour!!!

Hello there!
I'm so sorry about posting my room tour a few days late- being a student can be very hectic and tiring sometimes.

Here's my room tour, and my room isn't exaaaactly perfect, but hey, I figured a little clutter would give it some character (;

For my room color scheme I chose blue hues. (Except for the bookshelves, which are from a previous house I lived in and I haven't gotten around to switching them out to white ones yet!) I think these colors are relaxing, and the lighter colors help in opening up the room and making it look bigger. 

Here's a view of my desk, which I am very good about keeping clean. I also write a new biblical quote on a weekly basis to give me encouragement.

This is my bed, and the comforter set I got at Big Lot's for a steal. It's my favorite part of my room because I think the colors really tie everything together and give it the blue accent it needs.

This is the area between my bed and my closet, which is where my hamper and my nightstand is. I love having a coordinated nightstand with my favorite decorations and pictures. On my nightstand I have a little water fountain that lights up with colored LED lights and is very relaxing when you're trying to sleep.

This is my dresser and my lamp in the right corner of my room. I hate having any clutter on my dresser and the lamp is so cool. 

The front of my dresser, and you can even see the house that I live in front of ;)

This is one my bookshelves and my tv stand/storage center. I have another black bookshelf to the right of the TV, but I ran out of memory on my phone to take another picture.
I keep books, old toys, and craft boxes on my bookshelves.
In the storage center, I keep accessories in the light blue one on the top left, electronics/cords in the light pink one on the top right, extra school supplies in the dark pink one in the center, small purses in the purple one on the bottom right, and miscellaneous items in the light pink one on the bottom left.

This is my famous closet. It's in color order, and I only keep my shoes, tops, scarves, and dresses in my closet. 

This is the bottom of my closet where you can see all the rest of my shoes. I have a looottttt of shoes, a pair for every occasion.

That was my room tour, and I hope you enjoyed it!
What's your favorite feature of your room?